Food Resiliency & Veganic Farming

Help Promote Veganic Farming and Build Local Food Resiliency

Seed the Commons is a small, all-volunteer organization based in San Francisco. We work to build local food resiliency through educational and hands-on projects. We normalize a vegan ethic through all of our projects and promote veganic farming as a basis of our food systems.

Our projects include: 

  • Growing food veganically in San Francisco and South Bay for the benefit of our local community and ecology.
  • We offer the first and only veganic gardening classes in California. As we give people tools to grow their own food, we slash the myth that sustainable agriculture requires animal inputs. Our classes are donation-based so as to be accessible to people of all income levels.
  • We give talks about building the veganic movement and a people's food system at various conferences and local meetups. 
  • The yearly People’s Harvest Forum – the first conference in the world that promotes food sovereignty and agroecology while working within a vegan ethic. Participants gain an in-depth understanding of the state of our food system, along with how they can engage at various levels to help create a more just and sustainable food system. We invite vegan farmers to share their knowledge, giving veganic farming a visibility and normalcy that are absent from other spaces devoted to radical food politics and sustainable agriculture.
  • An online veganic resource center that features a growing series of profiles of veganic farmers.

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